Sunday, December 15, 2013

Brooke & Rob married at the Wee Burn Beach Club!

I'm so happy to share this post with everyone. Brooke and Rob were married at the Wee Burn Beach Club in Norwalk, CT this fall. I first met Brooke's amazing family while photographing her sister Kate's wedding. Fun, welcoming, photogenic and kind, they even lent me a sweater for Kate's ceremony (which was outside) when the weather turned suddenly colder than predicted. Armed with a sweater and coat this time, I didn't need either as Brooke and Rob's fall wedding weather proved to be perfect as the golden fall sunshine and blazing foliage in the portraits below demonstrates. Smiling all day, Brooke and Rob were lovely to watch (and document) as they took in and enjoyed their day. I almost cried during their first look! Special thanks to my dear friend, Lily Kesselman, for being my second shooter.

Officiant: Cliffe Knechtle
Dress: RK Bridal
Shoes: DSW
Flowers: Springdale Florist
Hair: Fredric and Company
Band: High Society Rhythm
Venue: Wee Burn Beach Club
Event manager: Maggie Peterson at the Wee Burn Beach Club
(Brooke commented that she was amazing and I have to agree!)

Brooke's words of wisdom to new brides to be ...
"Remember to enjoy the quiet moments with your groom, as the wedding planning will turn you into a person you don't exactly recognize."

Sage advice, but I didn't see a whit of anything but harmony between these two. Congrats to you both!

 photo 0001_zps60c835f8.jpg

 photo 0002_zpse50521b4.jpg

 photo 0003_zps36a6f8bf.jpg

 photo 0004_zpsd235149a.jpg

 photo 0005_zps1248a90c.jpg

 photo 0006_zps89cbeb4e.jpg

 photo 0007_zps51847054.jpg

 photo 0008_zps364967f7.jpg

 photo 0009_zps7f3b4db5.jpg

 photo 0010_zpsaf7daad8.jpg

 photo 0011_zpsa6269422.jpg

 photo 0012_zps80ee0a48.jpg

 photo 0013_zpsc409a573.jpg

 photo 0014_zpsc817ee21.jpg

 photo 0015_zpsfacf2aa4.jpg

 photo 0016_zps85a5f2e7.jpg

The entire bridal party and both families braved going on the rocks (the ladies in heals) above the crashing ocean during strong winds for the shots they wanted. There was one strong gust that almost brought this entire line down as they clutched onto one another!
 photo 0017_zps1e33da01.jpg

 photo 0018_zps5e12abdf.jpg

Brooke's mum made these plates for the wedding. Each one featured a location special to the couple's story.
 photo 0019_zps1375dfbf.jpg

 photo 0020_zpsc09ee0ff.jpg

 photo 0021_zps6f2bfb00.jpg

 photo 0022_zpsd244baf9.jpg

 photo 0023_zps9bfdb0cd.jpg

 photo 0024_zpsa592c562.jpg

 photo 0025_zps9e90d849.jpg

 photo 0026_zps27791f51.jpg

 photo 0027_zps55941fa4.jpg

 photo 0028_zps88943814.jpg

 photo 0029_zps854c8bb7.jpg

 photo 0030_zpsd4924e80.jpg

 photo 0031_zps4362f8b3.jpg

 photo 0032_zps9a2a6563.jpg

 photo 0033_zps4254a22b.jpg

 photo 0034_zps91b11411.jpg

 photo 0035_zpsaca3e326.jpg

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