Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sarah & Brian

A note from Sarah & Brian:
"Thanks for taking a peek at our photos from our magical day. September 20th, 2008 was truly sublime in every way possible. While many of us may have memories that we will forever be able to conjure up, Jordan and Kenji did the most wonderful job of capturing the true beauty of our wedding in such sweet images. Please feel free to leave us a note or comment so that we can keep re-living the day (or at least for a little bit longer!) Thanks to all who were able to share in the celebration. It wouldn't have been what it was without you there."

Monday, September 22, 2008

Alexis & Mark

Hello friends and family members of Alexis & Mark!
Don't the two of them look amazing together? So in love! I've released a sneak peek to a couple or two in my day and I know that both Alexis & Mark will come back to this site over and over (sorry to whoever their employers are!) to check on their photos, so please leave a surprise for them when they return. Leave a comment for them in the comments section down below! What is your favorite memory of the two of them together, what did they say about each other when they first met, or what did you enjoy most about the wedding? Anything is fair game, really. Can't wait to see what everyone has to say!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Midnight madness

The busy season has me firmly in its grasp, but I'm taking a quick break to share some images. Courtney and Joshua exchanged vows this summer during a very intimate ceremony in Central Park. While only two friends were in attendance, I'm sure many friends and family were there in spirit! Please feel free to share a moment with them now by leaving a comment for Courtney and Joshua in the section down below.