Sunday, May 12, 2013

Married: Jessica & Michael at The View on The Hudson

Venue: The View on the Hudson
Dress: Ines Di Santo
Florist: Bassett Flowers
DJ/Band: Platinum Entertainment
Officiant: Father Joseph Deponai
Many thanks to my great friend Lily Kesselman for shooting with me.

 photo 0037_zps9a1d8d23.jpg

 photo 0036_zps3b2df12b.jpg

 photo 0035_zpsae7ffb03.jpg

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 photo 0031_zps01943b1a.jpg

 photo 0030_zps78994eab.jpg

 photo 0029_zpse22062ef.jpg

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 photo 0027_zpsddfd39d2.jpg

 photo 0026_zpse0077196.jpg

 photo 0025_zps8a042c36.jpg

 photo 0024_zps6847c495.jpg

 photo 0023_zps4c124e96.jpg

Jessica's bouquet included a lace detail from her mother's veil
 photo 0022_zps7beea5c0.jpg

 photo 0021_zps1526bf2f.jpg

 photo 0020_zps26f6d8ed.jpg

 photo 0019_zpsf7066b39.jpg

 photo 0018_zps1cbfd12b.jpg

 photo 0017_zps81021280.jpg

 photo 0016_zps1d4242b5.jpg

A great one from Lily!
 photo 0015_zps41b80e72.jpg

 photo 0014_zpscb2effd7.jpg

 photo 0013_zps04803e63.jpg

 photo 0012_zps5fc47ad9.jpg

 photo 0011_zpsfaaecc82.jpg

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 photo 0002_zpsa662338f.jpg

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