Saturday, July 5, 2008

Meira & Aaron

Please give a hearty warm welcome for the sneak peek of Meira & Aaron's wedding and leave a comment for them in the clickable section below the photos. It was such a pleasure to witness the big smiles on everyone's faces and the open hearts all around, it is obvious they are a well-loved and well-supported couple! (Contact Meira and Aaron if you would like to see the full wedding once it is ready.)


Anonymous said...

Meira! u truely were a stunning bride! So sorry I missed it! Wishing u both health & happiness 4eva, & all that u wish urselves!

Anonymous said...

why am i getting broken links?

Jordan Van Aken said...

I would love to help you, but please e-mail me. All of the links are working, so I will have to trouble shoot with you privately. It is My e-mail is in the 'about me' section as well. Thanks!